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raw vegan chocolate spread in canada
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Giddy Yoyo Raw Vegan Chocolate Bars
Giddy Yoyo Raw Vegan Chocolate BarsGiddy Yoyo Raw Vegan Chocolate BarsGiddy Yoyo Raw Vegan Chocolate BarsGiddy Yoyo Raw Vegan Chocolate BarsGiddy Yoyo Raw Vegan Chocolate Bars

Giddy Yoyo Raw Vegan Chocolate Bars

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Giddy Yoyo is no one-night-stand chocolate. We encourage you to form a new long-term intimate relationship with their creations, one in which will threaten only the chocolate posers out there. Go ahead, indulge and feel really good about it. And then share it. Your partner (and kids and boss and friends and…) will thank you over and over, and when they do please tell us about it. Next level nutrition baby!

Note from Giddy:

Our meticulous effort to use only Wild Ecuadorian Heirloom Arriba Nacional CACAO puts us in a category of our own.

we select only fully mature ripe pods by hand from mature trees (which are a minimum of 30 years old, and some as old as 80 years) grown in mineral rich volcanic high elevation soil. These trees are never irrigated from potentially contaminated rivers and streams as the water source is from rain, the tree’s deep root structure and pure mountain springs. We also work directly with those who supply the raw cacao pods (aka Direct Trade) and eagerly compensate above ‘Fair Trade’ standards. It is our goal to ensure that everyone along the supply chain is well taken care of. Happy workers = happy food= happy people!

Cacao TreeThe raw CACAO bean may be one of nature’s most fantastic superfoods due to its mineral content and wide array of unique properties. CACAO may be the number one source of magnesium of any food on the planet. It also contains one of the highest concentrations of antioxidants of any food in the world, and may be exceptionally high in chromium, iron, anandamide (the bliss chemical), theobromine, manganese, zinc, copper, vitamin C, Omega-6 fatty acids, phenylethylamine (PEA), trytophan, serotonin, and more.

CACAO is likely the single greatest weight loss tool as it has the ability to temporarily shut off the appetite control centre of the brain. CACAO may also be a highly effective natural energy enhancer and aphrodisiac.


75% Raw Organic Dark Chocolate. Vegan. Beyond Fair Trade. Free of Dairy, Gluten, Soy, Nuts, Refined Sugar, and other Nasty Funk!

Love & Gratitude: Immesurable amounts!

Stone Ground Cacao: Energizing and one of the most pharmacologically complex foods containing over 1200 different molecules. Most notably cacao contains: PEA, or the "love" molecule, which is heat sensitive and destroyed in most chocolate products; Anandamide, the "bliss" molecule, which is a cannabinoid endorphin that makes you feel good; Tryptophan, a heat volatile amino acid that is known to enhance mood; Serotonin, which helps you form a "stress shield" that would keep you calm if the world were falling apart around you. Cacao is one of the most concentrated sources of anti-oxidants (6x more than blueberries) and is a great source of many key minerals such as magnesium, iron, chromium, manganese, zinc and copper.

Sun Dried Cane Juice: The first of its kind on the market. This delicious sweetener is harvested from sugar cane grown in Ecuador in highly mineralized volcanic soil. It has a mild taste and is a perfect complement to the deep rich flavor of our cacao.

Cacao Paste: adds to the creaminess that everyone loves.

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Most delicious chocolate ever!

Tom - 08/21/2014

Greetings Giddy Yo Yo! I am more than surprised to taste your choco bar. I have never ever tasted such a yummy one and it’s all organic. Your vanilla flavour is killer! And I think some of the chocolates you provide are not available everywhere else. S...

Super Superfood!

Lesley - 08/01/2013

A luxurious square of this smooth chocolate is my nightly after-dinner treat. Mindfully savouring the amazing flavours puts me in a good mood, every time!
I'm torn between favourites, though. Ginger or Mint? The taste testing continues...

Awesome Chocolate

Rick F - 05/13/2013

This Chocolate is so good. Rich flavorful chocolate bar for any occasion. You can tell it's different from the cheap stuff. Love this product

Kid Friendly!!

Amy Hill - 12/17/2011

Wow, chocolate that is good for you, tastes great and is safe for my kids to eat! We tried the orange and the plain and will definitely be buying it again.

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