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ice pressed olive oil

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Organic Ice Pressed Olive Oil

Organic Ice Pressed Olive Oil

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Ice Pressed™ olive oil has been pressed in the complete absence of heat; a dramatic 20-30 times colder than the cold-pressed olive oil; a critical distinction in terms of maintaining the oils' nutritive and healing potential and to staking claim as one of the world's only RAW producers of olive oil.

Rallis Olive Oil the only raw, Ice Pressed™ olive oil producer in the world and private label for celebrities like David Wolfe. A premium, raw, unfiltered, extra virgin olive oil; pressed completely in the absence of heat within 12 hours of hand harvesting, from superior category early harvest olives - the results, a near flawless acidity of 0.1% and an unbelievably "refreshing" raw olive taste! We invite you to taste this superfood, in its original state, grown and packaged directly from the farmer... all done by hand!

Taste the distinct refreshing taste!

Note from the founders:
"In olive oil, acidity refers to the formation of free fatty acids or put another way, the breakdown to the quality of an oil. Factors that cause the olive oil to breakdown include, the health of the olives, how aggressive you harvest, time between pressing and heat! Sustainably farming, ice pressing the same day of hand harvesting, we have produced an oil with a near flawless acidity.

Ice pressed olive oil from our farm, what's the difference? In terms of taste, lots. In terms of healing, everything! Pressing a dramatic 20-30X colder than "cold pressed" olive oil, creates a highly nutritive, super-refreshing, enzyme rich oil! The olives' intense healing properties are maintained in their raw, original state. There's a lot more to our journey in sustainable farming and lifestyle medicine, we invite you to join the raw evoo-lution and learn more."

Nikolas, Theo & Dr. Steve

Olive oil's health benefits
Did you know that olive oil is one of the most digestible forms of fat for the body to assimilate? It also helps your body absorb vitamins A, D and K as these are known as fat soluble vitamins and require fat to be digested before they can be absorbed into the body.

The beneficial health effects of olive oil are mostly due to its high content of antioxidants and monunosaturated fatty acids. Studies have shown that olive oil offers protection against heart disease by helping to control the bad cholesterol (LDL) and raising the good cholesterol (HDL). Studies have shown that just 2 tablespoons of olive oil a day will lower your bad cholesterol.

Olive oil is often used as an ingredient to help detoxify the liver and gall bladder. It stimulates the gallbladder and bile duct, freeing the pathway for proper elimination of gallstones. Olive oil has also been found to have protective functions against ulcers and gastritis. Spanish researchers suggest that including olive oil in your diet may also offer benefits in terms of colon cancer prevention. Their study results showed that rats fed diet supplemented with olive oil had a lower risk of colon cancer than those fed safflower oil-supplemented diets. In fact, the rats that received olive oil had colon cancer rates almost as low as those fed fish oil, which several studies have already linked to a reduction in colon cancer risk.

This olive oil has a wonderful taste and can be used instead of animal based fats on vegetables with some seasonings or directly on salads with a bit of balsamic vinegar. It is also lovely in a raw marinade for beets, mushrooms or red peppers or anything else your heart desires!

Bottle Size: 375 mL
Variety of Olives: Koroneiki.
Polyphenol content: 303 gallic eq mg/kg

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Dana - 10/10/2012

This is simply the best olive oil I have ever had. As a fan of olive oil I have tried many different kinds.

Rallis has quite literally spoiled me. No other olive oil I have experienced even comes close to this one. It really is just that good.

I al...

Best Olive Oil I have EVER Had

Petra Watson - 10/03/2012

Bought this product resently and have been shocked at the difference in quality. This is the very best olive oil I have ever had! Great when you are on a Raw Vegan diet, or even if you just want great olive oil.


Paul - 09/18/2012

once you try this olive oil you will never be able to go back to another brand. it is life changing and the best olive oil I have ever tasted.

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