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OWNERS - Lee & Kent Harlan

lee and kentWhen you start researching what is behind the food on the shelves in most grocery stores it is scary! If you can’t pronounce the ingredients, chances are they are not good for you. Food that has been irradiated, fumigated, pasteurized, highly processed and preserved. By the time it gets to your plate you are lucky if there are any nutrients left in it.

Fueled by our own personal transformations with food and passion for the raw food lifestyle, we decided to start a business to share these wonderful high vibrational foods with the world. Helping as many people as we can to achieve their goals of reaching optimal health and vitality.

Nobody needs to be 100% of anything to experience the wonderful benefits of food in its simplest most natural form, the way Mother Earth created it for us. If you want to improve the quality of your life, not just physical but mental, emotional and spiritual, take a leap into the raw food world! Once you embark on this life-changing journey you will be amazed at the improved quality of your life. You won’t need to resort to junk food or stimulants to “feel better” anymore. Living really can be that great, just the way it is!

We are proud to offer you the best, most pure, certified organic, nutrient dense superfoods the earth can provide! Foods that have been healing people for years and modern medicine and science are just catching up on. We review every single product and try our hardest to pick the best ones to sell, so that you can rest assured to get the highest quality products.

Many blessings to you on your journey and always remember... The biggest gift you can give yourself and you family is a healthier happier you!

Come and join our food revolution!

~ Lee & Kent Harlan

Our lovely Truly Organic Girls! - Festival helpers, event organizers, assistants and much more... Coming eventually.... a BOY!

Laurie Sadowski Fabienne Kristin
Fabienne Alliou
Kristin Kandyba








September 5-7
Toronto Raw Vegan Festival in Toronto
toronto vegetarian food fest

September 21, 2014
The first Vegfest Guelph!
vegvest guelph


lilou organics

body care deli

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